Virtual Consultation

During times of uncertainty, it’s up to all of us to help…
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I’m Pregnant

Whenever you have sex, there is always a chance for pregnancy.…
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Beauty and the Beast – Dissecting True Beauty

The Movie Beauty and the Beast - a beloved cartoon classic…

Safe on Date Night

Valentine's Day is a special holiday to spend with your significant other. However sometimes it may be less than ideal and you may find yourself in a dangerous situation. Here are some ideas to help you stay safe.
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Are You Feeling Lucky?

Unwanted Gifts Years ago, I read a story about a Sexually Transmitted…
Hold On Pain Ends

After an Abortion . . .

Emotional and Psychological Impact Following an abortion, many…
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Friends’ Rules for the New Years Party

These are the Friends Rules; the useful help that your friends will give you – you might still be a little miffed about it, but good advice sometimes hurts.
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What’s the Big Deal about Hooking Up?

An article on the CNN website claims that dating is dead. Casual…
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Are You Seeing Fifty Shades of Grey?

Fifty Shades of Grey Relationships are difficult. They require…
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