Our Services for Women

At Journey Clinic, we offer services for women who are sexually active, pregnant, considering an abortion or have had an abortion. We provide one-on-one advocacy, evidence-based education, nurse consultations and post-abortion support, regardless of age, race, creed or station in life.

We are here to listen, to be your advocate, and to walk with you through any or all of these issues. No judgment, no condemnation. All of our services are completely free of charge and strictly confidential.

Services offered, free of charge, for…

Sexual Health

  • Evidence-based Education on STDs
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Referral for an ultrasound with a qualified provider
  • Consultation with a nurse


  • Pregnancy testing
  • Referral for an ultrasound exam with a qualified provider
  • Evidence-based education about pregnancy
  • Confidential, evidence-based education on choices for your pregnancy
  • Community, medical, and practical resource referrals

Abortion Education

  • Evidence-based education about abortion procedures
  • Evidence-based education on all options available
  • Support and resources for those who have had an abortion


Journey Clinic will provide you with caring, evidence-based education about abortion procedures. We do not perform abortions or give referrals to abortion facilities.

I have a question about...

Sexual Health

Learn more about sexual health.


Learn more about pregnancy and what we can do to help you make an informed decision.


Learn what happens during an abortion, the types of abortion, and the associated risks.

Abortion Recovery

Learn more about post-abortion recovery.